I have a 9 year old daughter going into the 5th grade that has been receiving SETSS for the past 4 years. This year we decided to switch our provider as we felt our daughter needed a change. I was provided with Doreen’s name through the DOE. I called her and explained our situation. Doreen was very accommodating, and wanted to meet our daughter. My daughter is now excited to read. She is eager to show us how much she has progressed. Doreen is caring, accommodating and genuinely wants our child to exceed.

Stacy Balin


At the end of kindergarten, my daughter was still struggling with some of her short vowel sounds and sight words. She lacked confidence when reading and became easily frustrated. When Doreen started working with her, and assessed her skills, she was able to develop an individualized program to target her gaps. She was taught how to easily follow rules through catchy phrases, which my daughter would repeat as she read at home. Doreen always has a way to make the work fun and entertaining.  My daughter has begun to understand the rules for when letters make certain sounds and now has strategies to use when the rules don’t work. She now has so much more confidence and there is less frustration at home when we work together. Doreen has really helped her develop a strong foundation with which to go into first grade. I can not begin to believe the progress she has made in just 2 months.

Melissa Panzella